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Mungcharoen Green Power Co.,Ltd was originated under Thai Government policy, which was to encourage private sector to develop and inverts in renewable energy called Small Power Producers (SPP). From Thailand energy policy, This energy policy has major objectives to promote alternative energy to complement and strengthen Thai Electricity system by using own resources from biomass such as Rice husk, Sugar cane-bagasse, corn leaves, plam shell and woodchip, to reduce the import of fossil fuels and to replace Thai supply of fossils fuels. Mungcharoen Green power has developed Rice Husk Power Plant since 2004 in Surin Province, Northen part of Thailand. The selection of using Rice Husk ash is a Major. The power Plant started construction in January 2005 and completed in November 2006, and start commercial operation on January 23,2007 and sell electricity to the EGAT Public Company Limited (EGAT).

9.9 MWe Rice Husk Power Plant

Green Factory
Power plant is Located at 333 Moo 7, Surin-Sikhoraphum Road, Tumbon Burusi, Muang District, Surin Province and situated on 300 Rai plot of land, it is located near Mungcharoen Rice Mill, Power plant use rice husk in process electrical generation 100%, by 80% from Mungcharoen Rice mill and 20% from alliance, The power plant use Rice Husk 85,000 Ton/year. Product from power plant 1. Electricity : Mungcharoen Green power generated 9.9 MW of electric power, 0.8 MW of electric power to be sold to EGAT, 0.8 MW of electric power to be sold to Mungcharoen Rice Mill, 0.8 MW of electric power to be used in the power plant. 2. Rice Husk Ash (RHA) : Rice Husk Ash is by product of complete combustion of rice husk. This kind of ash is high in quality, and it is an essential raw material for steel and silica plant industries.

3 Month Indoor storage

Condensing Steam Turbine Generator Set
Environmental and Management 1.Waste Water Use the zero discharge principle to relieve the anxiety of nearby communities. In practices, waste water is treaded to have quality in accordance with the ministry of industry standard before releasing to holding pond. 2.Air Pollution System Use Multi cyclone dust collection for particle > 10 micron (0.01 mm) and Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) for particle < 0.1-1 micron (0.0001 - 0.001 mm) and Recirculating Gas Fan for safe thermal energy and help to safe environmental of gas outlet from stack.

Multi Cyclone Dust Collection and ESP

High efficiency and clean technology

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